Chat button setup

Configure the settings associated with the button or text that customers click to initiate chat.

Note: To understand the relationship between a website, a chat window, and a chat button, consider the following:
In Bold360, a website is a group of settings that helps you manage your Bold360 strategy across multiple sites or domains. Websites help you track the origin of visits and manage business hours. When used with the Chat Rule Engine, they help you manage incoming chat items.
The website also contains the code of a "chat button", which does not only refer to a simple button on the user interface that a customer clicks, but also a complex group of settings associated with that button. These settings include button images, position, animation, associated departments, the countries where the button is displayed and so on.
When the customer clicks the chat button, a chat window opens, which again is not only a simple window on the user interface, but also a complex group of settings that control the layout and content of that window.
To interact with customers, first you have to set up a website and then a chat window. Subsequently, create a chat button and associate that button with the chat window and the website.

It is important to understand that "chat button" does not refer to a simple button (as in the actual interface a customer clicks), but rather a complex group of settings associated with an actual button, buttons, or string of text:

  • The actual button images shown when agents are available or unavailable
  • The position of floating button images on your page
  • Animation settings for floating button images, including resize when not in focus
  • The chat window customers are shown when they click the button
  • The department associated with the button
  • The countries where the button will be displayed

The following additional settings help determine when your chat button is shown to customers:

  • Agent availability (including agent hours)
  • Website business hours
  • Department business hours
  • Automatic Distribution settings (queue limits)

What are best practices for setting up chat buttons?

  • In addition to a floating button, you should also have static chat buttons prominent in header and footer.
  • ?????Ensure all parameters are defined when generating the button HTML code (website, department when necessary, window as well as the Pass custom information about customer option enabled).
  • Easy for customers to find answers or help
  • Easy access makes for a positive customer experience
  • Allows for customizing the initial button that customers will interact with.
  • Ensuring that parameters are set up from the beginning will ensure easier, more flexible, and more sustainable management in the future. If any of these parameters need to be added or changed down the line, it will require re-deployment of the code, adding risks and delays.