Voices and the Dashboard: Capturing and analyzing user intent

You can use voices on the Dashboard to identify interesting insights and trends.

The Dashboard displays voice clusters and voices as tiles. See What are voices? to learn more about voices and how they are organized in Bold360 AI.

Using Dashboard Tabs

The following tabs are available on the Dashboard:

Top Trending Displays the most popular voices and clusters for the selected period.
Unresolved Shows voices and clusters for which no answer was presented or selected, or which received negative feedback.
Unanswered Displays voices and clusters for which no answer was presented or selected.
Channeled Shows voices and clusters that ended with the user choosing an escalation channel.
Completed Displays voices and clusters where an answer was offered to the user and they did not give negative feedback, or where multiple answers were presented to the user, they chose one and did not give negative feedback.
Muted Shows voices that have been muted to reduce noise on the Dashboard.
Feedback Displays voices that received feedback. Feedback can be text or icon clicks, for example, thumbs up or down.

Colors and Tile Size

Size represents a tile's popularity: The bigger the tile, the more popular the voice or cluster.

Colors represent user sentiment for a cluster or voice for the selected time period.


Indicates negative sentiment as per the account health threshold settings:

  • No answer was presented for a single voice or one or more voices in a cluster
  • At least one answer was presented, but none was selected
  • An answer was selected but the user responded with negative feedback

For clusters, it means that

  • There is at least one red voice in the cluster
  • There are multiple negative signals inside the cluster that exceed the threshold (all voices in the cluster can be blue while the cluster is marked as red)
Blue Indicates positive sentiment as per the account health threshold settings. An answer was presented to the user.
Green Indicates that the amount of positive feedback is above the account health threshold.
Grey Shows voices that have been muted.

See What are account health settings? for more information about account health threshold settings.