How do I configure a search widget?

Once you have content in your knowledge base, you can configure and deploy the Bold360 Rapid Response Web Widget to your website.

Make sure you have content in your knowledge base.

  1. Download the .zip file attached at the end of this article, unzip it and save to your desktop.

    You'll need the extracted file in step 2.

  2. Log in to Bold360 AI and go to Touchpoints > Widgets > Floating Widget > Personalize and select Add new URL.
    1. On the dialog that appears, name the widget in the Enter customization URL field.
    2. Under Copy configuration from, select File and load the template file you downloaded and extracted in step 1.
    3. Choose Save.

      Note: At this point, your widget is ready for use, you can deploy it on your website. The steps that follow show how you can change some of the basics settings of the widget so that you can set up a more personalized experience.
  3. Optional: On the Basics tab, select Right for Dock Position to position your widget from left to right on your website.

    You can see the change in the Widget Preview on the right-hand section of the page.

  4. Optional: On the Basics tab, update the widget's branding as needed.
    1. Change the Primary color as required.
    2. Modify the Title.
    3. Select an article in the Auto Question (opened on load) field to set up the widget to display a specific article to the visitor when they open the widget.

  5. Optional: On the Position and Size tab, change Minimized widget mode to Normal.

    By default, the widget is a round chat icon. If you want to keep the round chat icon, skip this step.

    Complete this step if you want to change the widget to a What can I help with? box.

    Note: To change the What can I help with? text, go to the Basics tab and enter the text of your choice in the Title (minimized) field.
  6. Optional: On the FAQ tab, set up frequently asked questions (FAQ) that the widget displays when opened.
    1. In the Title field, enter a title for the FAQ, like Popular Questions.
    2. In the Show field, enter the number of articles you'd like to show when the widget opens.
    3. In the answers from field, select the label you'd like to use to determine which articles appear as an FAQ.
      Note: You need to create and assign this label to the articles you want to be available in the FAQ.

  7. Save your changes.
What's Next? Your widget is ready to be deployed on your website!