What do I see on the Channeling Dashboard?

The Channeling Dashboard shows the total number of interactions, interaction-related metrics, and offers a detailed view on individual interactions.

Note: The Channeling Dashboard is in beta. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

The Channeling Dashboard allows users to monitor customer?s channel preferences, optimize channel distribution, and continuously reduce the channeling rate of low-value transactions while providing better self-service support for these interactions.

With this dashboard you can gain insights into the following:

  • Channeling trend
  • Channeling distribution
  • Top 10 channeled articles
  • Channel value
  • Details on each channeled interaction such as channel type, value and name, the number of negative feedback and whether it was unanswered

You can do the following with the data on this dashboard:

  • Change the time interval to see a subset of the data
  • Select specific knowledge bases to see data for that knowledge base
  • Create bookmarks with the filters you set
  • View the individual widgets or the Channeling summary table in full screen
  • Download the content of the dashboard, the individual widgets, or the Channeling summary table to pdf
  • Hide columns and use drag-and-drop to change the order of columns in the Channeling summary table

What does the channeling trend chart show?

The Channeling Trend chart shows the number of channeled interactions for each day per channel type (chat, email, ticketing or phone).

What does the channeling distribution chart show?

The Channeling Distribution chart shows the distribution of channel types (chat, email, ticketing or phone) as compared to the total number of engagements for the selected period.

What does the channel value show?

The Channel Value chart shows the distribution of channel sentiments for the selected period.

Channel Sentiment is the negative, neutral or positive score assigned to a channel in the channeling policy. See What is intentional channeling? to learn more.

What data does the Channeling Summary table contain and how are they calculated?

The Channeling Summary table contains the number of channeled interactions grouped by knowledge base, channel type and name.

The Channeling Summary table shows the following pieces of information about articles:

  • Channel value: shows the channel sentiment as defined in the channeling policy.
  • Interactions: number of interactions for the channel
  • Has negative feedback: number of interactions with negative feedback.
  • Unanswered: number of interactions that are not answered.

What time interval is used on this dashboard?

Interaction data for the current month and the previous three months is available on this dashboard. The exact time interval is displayed under the Channeling Summary table. You can look at subsets of the data within this time interval by using the Date filter. By default, the dashboard displays engagement data for the last seven days.

How often is the data updated?

The data on this dashboard is updated one a day. The last update time is displayed at the top, above the Channeling trend widget.