Build a successful Acquire campaign

***These capabilities are in reference to accounts where Bold360 Acquire is currently enabled. We are no longer enabling Acquire on accounts.

With so many products and services to choose from, website buyers have a hard time determining what is right for them. Therefore, they often leave without making a purchase.

Acquire proactively guides website visitors through the discovery process and remove barriers to checkout with seamless proactive chatbot and human engagements that deliver personalized assistance at the right time.

By setting up an outreach campaign, you can decide how to get in touch with customers already on the website and how to approach them before a chat with the bot or a live agent starts.

For example, you can also differentiate between customers based on cart size. In this case, you can define two separate outreach activities: one for low-value cart size when the bot engages the customer, and another one for high-value cart size when a live agent helps the customer purchase items from your online store. Depending on cart size, the customer has different shopping experience.

You can use combinations of predefined invitations and widgets and essentially perform A/B test on your outreach campaign. To follow the progress of your outreach activities, see the Outreach Activity and Conversion Monitor.

You can define both proactive Acquire and regular (reactive) bots and chat windows for your website: the proactive Acquire deployment would serve as a sales bot, while the regular chat window would provide standard customer support. If you already have a chat window implemented, you can easily extend that window with Acquire capabilities.

Why would you define an outreach campaign

Setting up and running an outreach activity enables you to increase your topline revenue. Whether your intention is to provide information, help customers through a sales process, or promote purchasing your products to your potential customers, Acquire provides the option to proactively engage your potential customers and offers the following additional benefits:

  • Differentiate between customers based on low/high value leads and conversions
  • Assign the best persona. For example, based on hesitation or cart size, either a chatbot or a live agent engages the customer
  • Decide when to run and who to target proactively
  • Reactive and proactive deployments co-exist in harmony
  • Personalized treatments, such as custom JavaScript implementation beside regular bot or agent engagements
  • Provide insight into how to improve customer experience
  • Outreach campaigns can co-exist with regular AI and agent implementations in the website. In other words, having a static entry point (chat button) in the website's code does not affect Acquire's proactive actions.
  • You can extend an existing code snippet with Acquire related entries, such as a new website ID