What are Bold360 AI contextual answers?

Bold360 AI contextual answers is a revolutionary automated solution that delivers context-based answers to your customers and helps drive sales and conversion rates while simultaneously reducing site abandonment.

Tip: Check out this video to see how context and article variations work.

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With contextual answers, you can control the visitor's experience. Visitors who ask the same question will receive different, tailored answers based on segmenting information available about them. You can create relevant answers for visitors based on the specific product or page that they are viewing, their subscription type (free/premium), their digital click stream, account balance, age, gender, their geographical location and many more. You can also associate different channeling options to different visitors using context.

In the AI Console, context can be associated with visitors and articles. Both can have none to several context values:

  • The visitor?s context is set by the touchpoint. For instance, on web pages of a travel site which are related to hotels, the script calling the touchpoint will include a Product=Hotel parameter.
  • An article may have several answers, each of which is mapped to one or more context values. For example, for the question "How do I change my reservation?" there could be one answer for flights and another for hotels.

How do I set up contextual answers?

Important: Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable contextual answers in your account and to add the required context categories to your knowledge base.

Once contextual answers are enabled for your account and the context categories are available, proceed as follows:

  1. Add values to context category
  2. Add context values to articles
  3. Add context definition to website script
  4. Implement context in Support Center
  5. Implement contextual answers in FAQ
  6. Use context in channeling policies