Set up an email account

Configure Digital DX to receive, track, and manage emails.

  1. Create or edit an email account, as follows:
    1. In the Web Admin Center, go to Channels > Email > Email Accounts. The Email Accounts window is displayed.
      Note: To verify that an email account is set up properly, click Test next to an account.
    2. Select an existing account or click Create New. The New/Edit Email Account page is displayed.
  2. Select Enable email to activate the email account.
  3. Enter basic account settings on the General tab:
    Option Description
    Configuration Name Name the account for internal reference.
    Sender Email Address To use when sending email.
    Friendly Sender Name Used as the From Email Name when sending emails via this account. For example: Support Team, Jane Doe.
    Email client

    Select the email client you are using: MS Office 365 / Gmail / Other.

    The MS Office 365 and Gmail options don't only support the recommended OAuth 2.0 authentication, the Other option supports any client with basic authentication.

  4. Select the email client that you use to communicate over email.
    Note: In the Digital DX Desktop Client, you cannot select email client.
  5. Depending on your email client, you have the following options:
    Option Description
    User Name User name of the email server. For example, in the email address, the user name is support.
    Password The password associated with the user name for the POP3 server. Only available when you select Other for email client type.
    Server/Port Enter the host name or IP address and port of your mail server. If your email address is, then your mail server host name is normally or just All inbound emails are retrieved from this POP3 server.
    Secure Connection (SSL) To use a secure connection to your mail server, check Secure Connection (SSL) and enter the Port to be used for the connection. Check with your service provider as required.
    Type Choose your server type: POP3 or IMAP.
    Note: POP3 is unavailable for Microsoft Office 365 users.
    Leave copy of messages on server Store copies of emails on your POP3 server to facilitate download to Outlook or any other mail client.
    Folder Click Refresh folder list and then select the folder in your email account that you want to use for email communication with your customers.
    Tenant ID You Microsoft Tenant ID that you can find in the Azure AD admin center. (in the Directory ID field on the Properties page). Only available for Microsoft Office 365 users.
    Client ID
    • Microsoft Office 365 users find it in the Overview page of the Azure AD admin center
    • Gmail users find it on the APIs & Services > Credentials page Google Cloud Platform
    Client Secret Your client secret that you can find right next to your client ID. Only available for Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail users.
    Outgoing server Select SMTP server to set up an SMTP server for outgoing email.
  6. Optional: (Optional) Enter additional settings on the Distribution - Organization tab:
    Option Description
    Department Associate a Department with the email account. The Department can be used to override account-level automatic distribution settings and to determine which agents can be assigned emails by the automatic distribution system.
    Maintain email thread ownership on new mails Preserve the Owner (agent) field of each email thread.
    Append email thread ID to subject Append the Email Thread ID to the subject of replies. This make it easier to keep track of conversations with customers.
    Append email thread ID to subject Append the Email Thread ID to the subject of replies. This make it easier to keep track of conversations with customers.
    Auto-bcc Specify an email address that is included in the BCC field of all outbound emails from the agent.
  7. Optional: (Optional) Enter additional settings on the Format and content tab:
    Option Description
    Encoding Encoding for outgoing and incoming messages.
    Format Choose to show incoming email as either plain text or HTML.
    Canned messages for emails Select canned message folders that agents can use with email.
    Email Footer Enable and design a footer that is appended to all emails sent from this email account.
  8. Save your changes.
  9. For Gmail and MS O365 integrations, go to the recently added email account on the Email Account view and select the Authorize option.

    Complete the steps in the dialog that appears. Once the authentication is complete, the status of the email channel changes to Ready.