How to enable the Salesforce integration in Bold360

After setting up Bold360 Conversation Integration, the connection between Salesforce and Bold360 must be enabled.

  1. In the Web Admin Center, go to Integrations > Salesforce.
  2. Select the domain that you want to use to connect to your Salesforce account:
    • If your organization registered a custom domain with Salesforce, such as, then select Use a custom domain and define that domain in the field below.
      Tip: If your organization enforces Single sign-on ("SSO"), see How to set up a custom Salesforce domain in a single sign-on environment.
    • Otherwise, select Connect via
  3. Click Set up integration.

    Result: You are redirected to Salesforce.

  4. On the Allow Access page in Salesforce click Allow.


    Note: You cannot change the list of required permissions. You are redirected to Bold360.
  5. Optional: Select the Trigger Filters that you want to apply to block certain agents from using the Salesforce integration.