How to invite visitors to chat according to rules

Rules are set using the BoldChat entity called Auto-Invite Ruleset, which must be associated with a Visitor Monitoring HTML snippet.

  • To set up rules, you must be in a Permission Group with the following permission: Can Setup Rules Engines.
  • To activate rules, you must create an Auto-Invite Ruleset and then associate it with a Visitor Monitoring HTML snippet that you insert to your site.
  • Only visitors to a site with a Visitor Monitoring HTML snippet can be invited.

This feature is referred to as Rules-based invitations, Auto Time-on-Site Invitations, Proactive Rules Engine, Pro-Active Chat Configuration, or Auto-Invite.

Follow this procedure to create a ruleset and understand what you must do to activate it.
  1. Create an Auto-Invite Ruleset, as follows:
    1. From the main menu of the operator client, go to Setup > Account Setup. The Account Setup window is displayed.
    2. On the left menu of the Account Setup window, click Invitations > Auto-Invite Rulesets > New. The New Auto-Invite Ruleset page is displayed.
    3. Under Rule Set Name, enter a name that will help you identify the ruleset in other setup areas.
    4. Enable the ruleset.
    5. Decide how you want to react when a visitor declines or ignores an invitation by setting values for the following fields: Stop auto-inviting a visitor after # invite declines and Stop auto-inviting a user after # invite ignores.
  2. Add rules to the Auto-Invite Ruleset, as follows:
    1. On the New Auto-Invite Ruleset window under Rules List, click New.
    2. Name the rule and define rule criteria. See Auto-Invite Rule Criteria.
    3. Save your changes.

      Result: The rule is added to the ruleset.

  3. Continue to add rules.
  4. On the Rules list, arrange the rules in the order they should be analyzed by BoldChat.

    For a particular visit to a page on your site, the rules are checked in order from top to bottom. For any single page view, the first matching rule will apply.