How to implement A/B testing of invitations

To help determine which invitations are the most effective, you can implement A/B testing.

In this article we are assuming you have already created invitations (Custom Chat Invites) and want to see which works better.
  1. Open an Auto-Invite Ruleset from Setup > Account Setup > Invitations > Auto-Invite Rulesets.
  2. Select a rule from the Rules List and click Edit.
  3. Under Activate This Custom Chat Invite, select the two invitations you want to test.

  4. Save your changes.

    Result: The selected Custom Chat Invites will be offered to visitors randomly.

  5. Later, once you have collected some data, you must generate a report that helps you see how the invitation has performed.
    1. Go to Reports > New > Visit Reports > Invite Summary.
    2. Under Grouping, make sure Rule is selected.
    3. Click Save to generate the report.

    Result: Review the data to see how many times each invitation was served, accepted, declined, and ignored.