What are the best practices for conversational articles?

Follow these guidelines to make the most of Digital DX AI's conversational capabilities.

Remember the following guidelines when creating conversational articles:

  • If you have Yes and No branches in a conversational flow, order Yes first and No second to keep the flow natural.
  • Add labels to conversational articles like parent, child or conversational, so it's easier to find and edit them.
  • When using instant feedback, add the <no_feedback/> tag at the end of the question or option if you don't want feedback to appear for that step.
  • If you use multiple bubbles, include a delay to the messages to give users time to read. The wait times should depend on the length of the messages. When messages are sent right after one another, it feels more natural to pause a little longer and longer with each new message, even if they may be around the same length, so that users have time to finish reading older messages before newer messages are sent out.
  • Adjust the character limit for bot messages and ensure articles are within that limit to make sure customers don't have to use the Read More button to see the full article.
  • We recommend you use large persistent buttons rather than quick buttons as customers usually prefer the ability to click on previously displayed buttons.

What are the best ways to humanize the bot?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make bot conversatitons more human-like:
  • Setting up a humanized greeting increases the likelihood that customers choose to interact with the bot. It is important however to make it clear that they are talking to a bot, not a human being. See this article for more best practices about the bot's introduction message.
  • Make conversations flow as naturally as possible.
  • Keep answers short and to the point.