Bold360 Advise widgets for internal support

Improve your employees' productivity by providing integrated, easy access to your company's knowledge base.

Bold360 offers search widgets that end-users can use to receive self-service information from their company?s internal knowledge base. The widget can also be used for knowledge sharing as end-users can suggest a response to a question as a new article. In Bold360 Advise, the end-user of the widget is the customer-facing employee of your company who may need information from a knowledge base that you do not want to make publicly available.

Bold360 Advise offers the following widget types:

Google Chrome extension
After adding the Bold360 Advise search widget to your Google Chrome browser as an extension, it is available in the browser on any website. The end-user can either open the extension or use the website?s context menu the receive help. End-users can also suggest an article as response to a search that did not return any result.
Salesforce widget
Available from a Salesforce account only. After the company?s admin installs the widget, it automatically becomes available for every employee when looking at a case in Salesforce.