What features are available in Digital DX?

Depending on whether you use a web-based client, such as the Agent Workspace, or the Desktop Client, this feature parity list shows what features are available to you.

Feature Agent Workspace Desktop Client
AI integration yes  
Data protection (GDPR) yes  
Facebook Messenger yes  
PIN invite (Chat) yes  
PIN invite (Remote Control) yes  
Omni-queue yes  
Recording remote sessions yes  
Smart Advisor yes  
Video chat yes  
A/B testing (Experiments) yes yes
Active Assist / Co-browse yes yes
Agent collaboration / discussion yes yes
Agent statistics yes yes
Assignment history yes yes
Auto Answers yes yes
Automatic chat distribution/load balancing yes yes
Block / Unblock customers during chat yes yes
Business hours exceptions yes yes
Canned messages yes yes
Canned message filtering yes yes
Chat Recovery yes yes
Chat translation with GeoFluent yes yes
Chat unavailable email form yes yes
Conversion history yes yes
Custom chat wrap-up yes yes
Customer history yes yes
Data obfuscation (part of the chat window setup) yes yes
Data retention settings yes yes
Data validation yes yes
Department rollover yes yes
Deploy across unlimited domains yes yes
DIY integration yes yes
Drag and drop hosted images from a website to the conversation yes yes
Email management yes yes
Email signature yes yes
Export chat data yes yes
File transfer yes yes
Flag work items yes yes
IP denylist yes yes
Insert image, spell checking, and typing indicator yes

(the browser handles spell checking)


(the system handles spell checking)

Layered chat windows yes yes
Live chat yes yes
Mobile-aware chat windows yes yes
Monitor View / Grid View yes yes
Permission control yes yes
Post-chat survey yes yes
Proactive chat invitations